Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Soldier

This one was inspired by this book called "The Family" by Mario Puzo... Thanks to Deepak for lending me the book!!!

Anyway, here goes..

Inside me, a bubble breaks,
like a volcano it gushes through
Ecstasy is a heady feeling
seemingly false, yet undeniably true.

The battle stretches, long and dreary
Success comes at every venture
Jealousy and envy surround me,
waiting to swoop down like a vulture.

A rivalry brews, the plot thickens
the enemy conspires against me
Opportunistic, they wait to strike
But it is me that they aspire to be.

They grab every chance and ploy they can
to the eye of a soldier, everything's a battle.
I fight till the end comes haunting
I fight till the last of my bones rattle.

1 comment:

Eternal Optimista said...

to the eye of a soldier, everything's a battle.

Lovely! It's been long since I've seen anyone write such good poetry.
Haven't read the book yet and after reading this, I don't think I would like to miss it.