Friday, May 22, 2009


Have you ever noticed that after you shower/bathe, you tend to wipe yourself in a set routine that you've followed ever since your mom stoped drying you?

You dry the hair, then the face with special attention to the nostrils and ears, on to the neck and so on. Try noticing how you do it. You will realize (you probably have but you never thought about writing a note about it!) that you follow the same pattern every time you bathe. Try changing the pattern and notice your body will resist and try to go back to the old one. If you do try to change your pattern and succeed, you'll probably end up feeling wet in some area or the other.

Why did I write this, you ask?

I ask myself, too.

I felt like writing but I couldn't find a note-worthy subject. Sometimes, life is just like this.

C'est la vie.