Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Shocking Revelation!

As I am an ardent follower of the "Harry Potter" series, my inquisitive nature unravelled some rather disturbing information...

The author of the series has said that the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor Albus Dumbledore, is a homosexual.

Its not that I am appalled by this piece of information given away by Rowling, its just the fact that the author is making a jackass out of herself by tainting the image of one of the best loved characters in the book. If you have been following my blog, you probably agree with my stance on the portrayal of Dumbledore as a world-domination man. Add to that the fact that he's gay and there you have it, the perfect plot to mess up the whole charade!

It is surprising and shocking, at the same time, to see how far Rowling will go to capture public attention. As soon as she realized that she was under the spotlight, she whipped up a controversy by shining negative light on some of her characters.

Now that the aftermath of the 7th book has worn off, the author feels the need to bask in the limelight again and she makes Dumbledore a homosexual! Why does the poor old man have to undergo so many character modifications???

Or is the fact that Dumbledore is gay a prelude to another book??? Probably titled, "Harry Potter and his Hairy Friend"

You never know... Lets wait and watch... Who knows? Snape just might be gay too....

I Hate....

1. Excessive noise. My poor little ear drums!

2. People who speak with strange accents. They really get on my nerves!

3. Hotel waiters who do not respond properly. I bet you hate them too!

4. Friends who forget my birthday... Countless experiences!

5. Exams...

6. Loud cell phone ringtones.

7. Anything that I dont like.

8. Motorists who jump signals and almost run you over when you're crossing the road.

9. People who sleep in church. Though I invariably follow their lead!

10. A CD that does not boot properly.

11. Milkshakes without sugar.

12. Fruits and Vegetables of all kinds (except mangoes and potatoes).

13. The Number 13.

14. Doors and Staircases that creak in the dead of the night when im sneaking to the fridge.

15. The sound of an electric drill.

16. The weird grains that you get on your TV set when the power at the tower goes out.

17. Babies. They are adorable, true. They are also VERY annoying!

18. Pot Holes

19. Car Reverse Horns.

20. Lots of other things.

Well, that wasn't really hard. But still, self realization is a relatively new concept to me. Thanks to Mr. He Who Cannot Be Named Because I Cant Spell It , my 'personality development' professor. Now, if you share one or more of these feelings, please feel free to express your synonymity.... If you hate my attitude, I am not bothered... Now, go along and find something to do!