Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Double Whammy!!!!

As the title suggests, I've had something, somethings rather, happy! Firstly, our department, the departement of Visual Communication of Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai won the first place at Loyola Ovations 2007. Ovations is the time of the year when a select few from all the departments of the college don the face paint and try to make their department proud. This year, we VisComm-ites were successful.. (We've been successful for 6 consecutive years and therefore, the target of jealousy and rivalry, but thats another issue ;) ) Girish, our cul-sec was a happy man as we lifted the trophy! Fellow blogger Francis and myself got a chance to participate in an event called variety entertainment but we backed out due to various reasons... Francis, if you're reading this, you'd know!

The second source of joy was the victory of the Indian Cricket Team at the inaugural T20 World Cup... They played brilliant cricket against all the teams and overcame all the hurdles that were thrust at them. Some flashbulb moments included Yuvraj Singh's Six Sixes in One Over, Virender Sehwag's return to form, Dinesh Karthik and Robin Uthappa's excellent fielding, R.P.Singh and Irfan Pathan's accurate bowling, Sreesanth's aggressive nature and Dhoni's captaincy... A heady concoction of youth and passion... The Men In Blue have a long year in front of them, playing The Aussies and Pakistan..

I shall write more when I am in the mood.... Right now, I need to eat!