Friday, November 16, 2007


A dark cloud engulfs,
A barrier is reached.
Try as I may,
The wall cannot be breached.

Efforts go in vain,
Resources depleted.
The task set forth,
Cannot be completed.

A mission thwarted,
A battle lost.
A loss of pride
Failure has cost.

The taunts and cackles,
Loom large around me.
Always blocking the success
That I can’t seem to see.

Failure trickles like the blood
That rushes to my head.
I lie cold on the floor
Wishing I were dead.


Deep sorrow, never-ending dreams,
Within my mind, within its realms.
Unfinished business, unfulfilled desires,
My mind conspires.
A ray of hope, a gleam of confidence,
My hope rests on providence.
Luck, Fortune and Opportunity
Combine in me incidentally.


A helping hand, a tight embrace,
A thoughtful mind kills disgrace.
Withered by hopes, trodden on by many
I pick up the pieces, the pieces aplenty.
The darkness fades away to light
My resistances prepare to fight
The cancer consumes me wholly
The dark tunnel looms before me.

A beam of light, a ray of hope.
In the darkness, my hands will grope.
To realize, I must be strong
And travel a path, weary and long.
Walking alone, I reach into my mind.
Searching, seeking, but I am still blind.
A new day brings a new avenue.
And it just might be good for you.