Sunday, December 2, 2007


This one was written in college... English hours are pretty useful for this kinda stuff... =)

I sit in the corner, dark and cold
Unable to move my hands
I wait an eon to hear my fate
Fate, my life, it commands.

I realize my mistakes
Blinded by greed.
The waves consume me
To avenge every evil deed.

Cleansed of sin, my soul is clean
It shimmers like the morning sun
With renewed relentlessness
A new life has begun.

The sin haunts my body
And plagues every inch of it.
Indulgence got the better of me
And led me to the end of the bottomless pit.

1 comment:

Eternal Optimista said...

Letting yourself drown in the sea of guilt... what is it, penance or just another sin..?